Support & Training

Custom Professional Services

Modo Labs

Whether you're looking for the fastest, most professional implementation of a Kurogo-powered suite of mobile website and apps, or a high-level strategic partner to guide your company through the ever-changing mobile landscape, Modo Labs can help. We created Kurogo and continue to lead by example of innovative, powerful, and usable mobile projects built using it. To learn how we could work with you, please contact or visit Modo Labs' Services.

Community Support

Community support is available through Kurogo Dev Google Groups. You can participate in general discussions with other Kurogo developers on issues that interest you. If you have specific questions, you can post also them to the group.

If you have specific issues related to various projects for Kurogo, you can post them on GitHub:

Commercial Support

Modo Labs can provide services to help get you up and running quickly and with confidence. This includes implementation support to help answer your development questions; implementation support to maintain and extend your mobile projects; and Kurogo Jump Start to quickly improve your familiarity with Kurogo. To learn more, visit Modo Labs' Services.

Developer Training

Kurogo comes with extensive documentation. But if you need help getting yourself or your development team up to speed more quickly, or wish to go deeper in your understanding of how to integrate custom data sources and extend and create functional modules for mobile web and native apps, you can contact Modo Labs for on-site or web-based training. Contact