What's New in Kurogo

Kurogo Mobile Web and Server 1.8
(2 Apri 2013)

  • Improved site management and setup
  • Simplified theming of UI elements
  • Enhanced support for new tablets
  • Support for role-based content
  • Desktop portal
  • New data connector options, including authenticated connections and upgraded RSS parser
  • Many improvements in bundled modules
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

Kurogo Mobile Web and Server 1.5RC1
(2 August 2012)

  • Version 1.5 is released under the Lesser GNU Public License v2.1
  • NEW MODULE : Social. Show feeds from facebook and Twitter
  • Created ShellModule to create modules that run on the command line (UNIX only at this time)
  • Kurogo shell modules have been created that can fetch public feed data in the background. See dev guide for setting up automatic fetching
  • Kurogo will load libraries and configuration from the shared site directory to reduce code duplication
  • It is possible to change which module is the home module
  • New XML Parser (SimpleXMLDataParser) makes it easier to parse simple XML documents
  • Improved the Calendar Detail page
  • More configurability of Map Module behavior
  • Add Shibboleth authentication authority (requires a shibboleth SP installed on the Kurogo Server)
  • Tablet Panes are now loaded Asynchronously
  • Updated handling of stats information to improve stats module performance. See dev guide for important migration information
  • Improved tablet interface for Photos
  • Added ability to retrieve data using the cURL library
  • Federated search can be disabled
  • A custom user class can be specified in Authentication configurations eliminating the need to create a custom authority
  • Improved styling of spring board to accommodate devices of various sizes
  • More informative error messages when required PHP extensions are not available
  • Support for Co-Ed sports in Athletics module
  • Proper handling of calendars where the time zone is different than the server time zone
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

Kurogo Mobile Web and Server 1.4.1
(1 May 2012)

This version is primarily a security and bug fix release. No new major functionality is present. In particular there are key fixes for the following areas:

  • Maps
  • RSS
  • Calendar
  • DiskCache

Kurogo Mobile Web and Server 1.4
(5 March 2012)

  • NEW MODULE: Photos. Show photos from Flickr or Picassa
  • NEW MODULE: Athletics. Show news and score information
  • Updated map module interface
  • Overhauled Data access classes for simpler creation of new data retrieval methods including support for SOAP and Database calls.
  • Added support for more types of recurring events
  • Federated search will be asynchronous in supported devices
  • You can define an alert banner to show on the home screen (i.e. from emergency module)
  • Added option to fetch RSS content if there is not full text in the feed
  • Easier theming

Kurogo iOS 1.0 (17 October 2011)

  • First public release for the native iOS counterpart to Kurogo Mobile Web
  • Native counterparts of existing Kurogo Mobile Web modules: Home, About, Calendar, Content, Emergency, External URL, Links, Login, Map, News, People, Settings, Video.
  • Libraries for plugging into certain social media services, including Facebook and foursquare.
  • A set of themable custom views, such as tabs, scrolling tabs, image caching thumbnails, etc.

Note: Kurogo iOS 1.0 requires Kurogo Mobile Web and Server 1.3.

Download Kurogo iOS

Kurogo Mobile Web and Server 1.3
(13 October 2011)

  • Support for localization
  • Support for hosting multiple sites on a single Kurogo instance
  • New logging facilities
  • Updated Stats module
  • Updated Map module
  • Improved support for recurring events in the Calendar module
  • Added support for grouping content pages
  • If your News feed does not have full content, you can add a "read more" link
  • Improved method of creating copied module
  • Support for YouTube playlists in the Video module
  • Support for Percent Mobile Analytics

Download Kurogo Mobile Web

Security Update (27 September 2011)

A vulnerability in the Kurogo Mobile Web Server allows remote access to arbitrary files readable by the web server. This permits an attacker to view any local file by using a specially crafted URL on an unpatched system. This patch addresses this vulnerability by only permitting access to certain folders within the Kurogo project directory.

Download the Security Update

“With Kurogo's highly intuitive interface and excellent documentation, we were able to deploy our mobile website ourselves in just a matter of days.”

Dean Hale
Web Development Manager
University of Sunderland