Kurogo is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v2.1 or later by Modo Labs, Inc.

Copyright ©2011-2013 Modo Labs, Inc.

The full text of the LGPL can be viewed or obtained on the website

Third Party Code: Additional copyright notices and license terms applicable to portions of the Software are set forth in the THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME file located in the software distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Kurogo's open source licensing

Q: Will the license of prior releases change?
A: No, all prior releases of Kurogo will remain under the licenses they were provided with.

Q: How will this change how I’m using Kurogo now?
A: After consulting with many existing users of Kurogo, we found that nearly all users already used software that is licensed via the LGPL or even GPL, including popular open source projects such as Drupal or WordPress. Usage of Kurogo should follow organizational guidelines around similarly licensed software packages.

Q: My version of Kurogo is under the MIT license, how does this change affect me?
A: Kurogo 1.5 is the first version released under the LGPL. Developers using prior versions will not be prohibited from using older versions and the MIT license associated with those versions. However, as Modo Labs continues to improve Kurogo, users of older versions will not have access to the benefits of the new Kurogo features. Additionally, Modo Labs will eventually stop supporting older versions of Kurogo. Customers using older versions of Kurogo who are subscription customers will continue to be supported as per the terms of the subscription contracts signed with Modo Labs.

Q: Can I build new features for Kurogo using version 1.4 or older versions?
A: Yes. However, Modo Labs encourages all Kurogo users to use the most recent versions of the platform. New features and modules built on older versions of Kurogo may not be compatible with new versions and/or may not make use of new functionality that is added over time.

Q: How can I download the new version of Kurogo?
A: New versions of Kurogo can be downloaded from,, and on the Kurogo GitHub page.

Q: What does LGPL mean for me?
A: Users of Kurogo are free to download and use Kurogo as they see fit. Developers are bound by the terms of the LGPL.

Q: Where can I read more about the terms of the LGPL?
A: Detailed information on the LGPL can be found on the internet. offers this useful information:

Q: Will there be any change to providing patches or pull requests?
A: All patches or pull requests will require a signed Contributor Agreement to be submitted to Modo Labs before we can accept a patch or pull request. Please download the Modo Labs' Contributor Agreement and submit to

Q: Will the license change again?
A: While we do not anticipate the license changing again, we cannot entirely rule out that possibility. For information on why we elected to make the change to the LGPL, please visit the Kurogo news page.

Q: How can I make sure I am notified when changes like this happen?
A: Modo Labs customers are notified directly whenever changes like these are made. Similarly, Kurogo open source users are notified via several channels include the Kurogo Developer mailing list and the site

Q: What legal obligations does the LGPL carry for my organization?
A: Kurogo users are bound by the terms of the LGPL license. Detailed information on the LGPL can be found on the internet. offers this useful information:

Q: If I create new features for Kurogo, am I obligated to release them to the open source?
A: Not necessarily. However, the LGPL does carry terms that are explained in detail at

Q: I am a direct Modo Labs customer, what license do I have and what are the implications?
A: Modo Labs customers may have a commercial license to Kurogo. All customers will retain the rights to their code and the right to redistribute their code as per the terms dictated in their contracts. Contract terms can be located by talking to your contracting office or by contacting your Modo Labs representative at

Q: With this change alter the license terms of the our subscription to Modo Labs’ Mobile Campus?
A: No, this change will not alter the license terms of the commercial subscription agreement.

Q: With Kurogo iOS now available under the LGPL, is a Kurogo iOS based app allowed to be published via Apple’s iTunes App Store?
A: There are a number of thoughts about whether the extra restrictions that Apple’s App Store places on apps are compatible the terms and spirit of the LGPL. To provide a clear path for users of the open source Kurogo iOS to release via the Apple App Store, Modo Labs offers a special commercial license for this specific case. Please contact for more information.

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