Kurogo-powered mobile web sites and iOS and Android apps running on different devices

The Kurogo Mobile Platform:
Empowering your mobile future

Kurogo is open-source Mobile Optimized Middleware™ for developing content-rich mobile websites and iOS and Android apps. Created by Modo Labs, Kurogo emphasizes extensibility, clean integration, and exceptional UX. It powers the mobile presence of a broad range of institutions, from top universities to Fortune 500 companies.

How it Works

Mobile middleware: Aggregate. Link and mix. Publish. Empower.

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Open-Source Advantage

No vendor lock-in.
Community contributions.
Eyes on the code.
Scalable ownership.

Unlike other so-called "open" products, Kurogo is open-source to its very core – letting you own your mobile destiny.

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Brought to You by Modo Labs

Modo Labs

Kurogo is developed by Modo Labs, which also provides professional support, training, and custom design and implementation services for mobile websites and apps built using Kurogo.

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Latest Updates

2 Apr: Kurogo Mobile Web 1.8 released

More of What's New


University of Vermont Mobile Web


A UVM undergraduate (Ebrahim Kobeissi '12) implemented this site as a summer project using Kurogo. See Who’s Using Kurogo

Why “Kurogo”?


In traditional Japanese theater, kurogo are stagehands dressed completely in black. They work on and off stage to move set pieces, props and actors.

Meant to be invisible to the audience, a kurogo makes the impossible, possible and enables the real stars of the show to shine brighter.